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When I was diagnosed as having Type 2 Diabetes soon after my 65 th birthday, the world was suddenly a darker place. Despite all the well meaning advice given by my doctor, it was very difficult to comprehend how I could come to terms with not eating all those lovely things that no doubt contributed to my condition. I was also anxious that I should, with a combination of exercise and diet, try to control my sugar levels so that I could reduce, or possibly eliminate, taking medication.

My first weeks were not easy as I began to understand what was good and bad for me and with Jacqui’s great care and help, I soon found that I could live happily without coffee and tea as well as all those starchy and fattening foods that had been so much of my life. After a few weeks I found that I was losing weight and my blood sugar levels were running at consistently low levels and I was beginning to feel better and fitter.

One year down the line I find that with my appreciation of correct diet I have my diabetes well controlled and it is in no short measure due to the skilled advice that Jacqui gave me.

For a few years I had been suffering from IBS and my energy levels were low. My doctor sent me for the usual tests relating to the IBS but all came back negative. My daughter suggested that I see a nutritionist and I went to see Jacqui Mayes.

I am so pleased that I did. Jacqui delved into my life history in great detail during an initial session, which I found very therapeutic. She is a very caring and understanding person and I found it easy to talk to her. I soon realised why nutrition is called a therapy. Jacqui gave me an eating plan to follow which was not complicated or too different from my normal diet, and I soon began to feel better. My energy levels improved almost immediately and I have no IBS symptoms at all.

Seeing Jacqui has made me realise the importance of good nutrition.

Being a typical, busy teenager, I thought that having constant low energy levels was part of the package. I definitely did not believe that changing my diet (which I had always considered as healthy anyway) would have any great effect on my day-to-day life. However, during my first consultation with Jacqui, I was shocked to realise how what I ate was having a dramatic result on my general wellbeing, and how making small alterations to my diet could not only ensure that I felt awake and lively throughout the whole day, but also significantly improve my asthma. Since following her advice which, due to the comprehensive array of recipes and meal plans provided, was really easy to adhere to, I have felt healthier, happier, and far more able to deal with the pressures of my routine. You might not believe that nutritional therapy could do anything for you, but I would maintain that it is often hard to realise by yourself what you are doing wrong, and with Jacqui’s caring, considerate manner, you can rest assured that you are improving your quality of life in the best possible hands.