Nutrition in the workplace

We live in a world where what we eat is the subject of much debate. The public is constantly being bombarded with mixed messages on the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ foods to eat, but the truth is that health and food choices are a real issue and what we eat can make the difference between thrive or just survive. When considering factors that affect workplace performance, food and what our workforce is eating may not be at the top of the list, but with ever increasing deadlines, meetings, schedules and the increase of stress, often food is simply seen as fuel and your teams’ food choices may not be the best ones to optimise their performance.

Food has a direct impact on cognitive function, immunity, energy levels and the way we cope with stress.

A ‘Learning Lunch’ nutrition workshop can be just the thing to help your workforce make the right food choices to improve performance and keep your workforce healthy and operating at peak performance, resulting in lower rates of absenteeism, a greater retention of the workforce, higher worker moral and lower rates of presenteeism

“Learning Lunch” workshops provide nutritional knowledge, top tips for food choices from local restaurants and food outlets, together with easy recipes and food plans enabling your team to make food choices which will keep them alert and performing at their best throughout the day. Workshops are approx. 60 minutes in duration and can be delivered individually or as a short series with topics including: Beat the Post Lunch Slump, Improve your Immunity, Foods that Fight Stress, Reduce Your Risk Factors, Balancing Female Hormones, They Are What You Feed Them, and Sports Nutrition

Post Workshop Support

1:1 Consultations

Health and Nutrition has an intensely personal relationship and following attendance at workshops, many people seek personal assistance to help them to tackle specific health concerns. 1:1 consultations, funded directly by individuals at a cost of £40 per hour, can be arranged in any workplace which is able to provide a private room (minimum 4 consultations).

New Year; New You

In January many of your team with be trying to detox. A supervised, nutritionally sound, 2 week group detox programme, designed by experts to support the body whilst participants enjoy eating natural, healthy foods, in abundance can be provided. The cost per person, funded by the individual, would be £139 and can be arranged in any workplace which is able to provide a suitable meeting place.