Nutritional Therapy

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What is nutritional therapy

‘Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal the patient with food.’


The food we eat has an enormous impact on our health. Nutritional Therapy is an evidence based system of healing which follows the principle that the right food can provide us with the nutrients needed to maintain or restore a state of health. It takes a holistic approach and aims to restore health through balancing body systems, allowing the body to heal and nourish itself with foods that are beneficial and avoid foods which are not. Nutritional Therapy looks to rectify the underlying cause of illness rather than simply treating the symptoms.


How can nutritional therapy help you

Improve nutritional status

Balance blood sugar levels

Improve energy production

Optimise digestive function and absorption

Support skin health

Stabilise mood

Balance hormones

Support cardio-vascular health

Improve immune function

Weight management and advice on healthy eating

Identify food allergies and intolerances